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International Lasallian Institute of Applied Sciences for Sustainability


Launched in the autumn of 2022 at the initiative of a team from UniLaSalle Rouen, France, and with the support of the Normandy region, ILIASS is a significant action in favor of uniting the research activities of the global Lasallian network.

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A response to the challenges in Sustainable Development through collaborative and applied research conducted by the global Lasallian Network.


Objectives of ILIASS

The overall goal of ILIASS is to make known, structure, promote and develop the originality and specificity of Lasallian scientific research on sustainability.

ILIASS initiative has five objectives:

To identify the research work


of the Lasalle network: to list as thoroughly as possible what is being done in the network, the actions in progress, and the scientific productions, identified from 3 structuring pillars in connection with sustainability and in coherence with our values.

To structure, organize & classify


these Lasallian works and the teams from these central themes, and then to put in relation the teams concerned, on a thematic and/or geographical basis.

To make visible on a collaborative platform


and to structure the contacts between these teams, to federate them with common piloting, to animate a reflection, in particular starting from the definition of relays of animators identified in the Lasalle network.

To launch a collaborative dynamic


between a global network of Lasallian universities, both decentralized and piloted by a world network animation cell. To initiate working groups (WG).

To develop a
prospective vision for the future


In the medium term and in a 3-5 year prospective vision: develop these WGs, identify AAPs, foundations, etc., likely to finance common actions of research. To allow the development of coordinated and specific research, valorizing the network, its researchers, its complementarities, and its global vision of sustainability in the service of human beings.

Upcoming events

No events at the moment

Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations


Based on the Lasallian core value of "Fighting against social injustice“, the foundation of ILIASS are the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN.


The three pillars of ILIASS

ILIASS, as a community network of researchers and educators all over the world, has the ambition to become a structuring element of the Lasallian universities. ILIASS aims to provide a response to the major environmental, social, and territorial challenges in our field of competencies, and stands on three pillars:

Sustainable Campuses

  • The "learning by doing" approach

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These pillars have a common ambition and a shared vision: applied sciences with and for mankind. First, there is an ethical requirement in the choice of our research lines, placing human development at its center. Secondly, we consider research activities as anchored in their ecosystems and local campuses, listening both to the training needs of future generations and to the expectations of our stakeholders, companies, citizens, and policymakers. Third, our shared vision has a substantial common value: the legacy of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, with human values at the core of its thinking.

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