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Second pillar of ILIASS

Teaching differently to produce differently - a reflexity on training sustainability in Lasallian universities



Description of the second pillar

The high potentiality of sustainability for providing a transformative vision and commitment to students from Lasallian universities is at the core of this research theme. Its objective is mainly to develop a comprehensive panorama of existing innovations both in pedagogical means, engagement of the learners, and holistic modeling of sustainable challenges within the Lasallian universities network.


More specifically, the human value component of the Lasallian legacy is at the core of the sustainability approach and will be emphasized, as it irrigates the originality of our research: empowerment of the poor and related stakeholders, social and spatial justice, social-environmental science developed in a transdisciplinary manner. From this up-to-date assessment of initiatives, the objective is to tackle comparative studies of training sustainability in grounded realities of student and social lives, in combination with reflexive research in social and environmental sciences, in line with academic partners on this subject.


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