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Chair of Normandy Region


With its reunification and the candidacy of the "Plages du Débarquement", Normandy 1944 to UNESCO's World Heritage List, Normandy intends to pursue a strong political ambition: to act in favor of the values of peace and freedom.

The recent history of Normandy is indeed inseparable from these values which are part of our collective heritage. The D-Day landings of June 6, 1944, remain engraved in the minds of every Normandy citizen as a symbol of freedom regained. Normandy, more than any other region, has a particular responsibility to act in favor of peace.


This is why it has developed the "Normandy for Peace" initiative, whose objective is to position Normandy as a pilot territory on issues related to Peace, Freedom, Human Rights, and Reconciliation. This approach is reflected in the constitution of an annual agenda "Normandy for Peace", which culminates in the realization of the Normandy World Forum for Peace, organized every year since 2018 in early June.


Many actors of all categories are already involved alongside the Region in multiple projects and initiatives to protect and promote these values. These initiatives are also based on the close and long-standing links with many territories and partners around the world.


It is on this dynamic ground, and with the aim that everyone can take part in this ambition, that the region proposes a system of certification and, where appropriate, funding of projects that are initiated and developed in favor of peace. It enables the highlighting, consolidation, and deepening of existing structuring and quality actions, and also encourages the development of new initiatives in line with the Region's objectives.


Normandy, France

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