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Project LISON

Lasalle i-SAFE the wOrld Network​


A project constructed by UniLaSalle Rouen to offer to the i-SAFE students  not only an international program but ​a worldwide Lasallian Learning Community in the field of Sustainable Agriculture & Food

All Hands In

What is i-SAFE ?

UniLaSalle Campus Rouen offers an engineering course 100% in English as part of its H2020 Agronomy and Agro-industry program: i-SAFE, an engineering course in Agro & Food Engineering. Within this framework, the 4th year of studies allows students to broaden their skills by specializing in a Career Path.

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 Three tracks for i-SAFE students


The track opens up the various sectors of the international agronomic council, assessment of the sustainability of cropping systems, expertise in urban and peri-urban agriculture.

Farming for the Future

  • MSc Urban agriculture & Green cities

  • MSc Agricultural & Food Data Management

Experts AgroRTech.jpg

This track opens up to students  various sectors of data science, industry, banking and/or insurance, international exchanges, marketing, etc.

Culture in vitro.jpg

This track opens up to students the various sectors of bio-sourced products, eco-materials, biomolecules, transformation, bioprocesses, ecodesign, and bio-economy.

Biosourcing, Biotechnologies & Environment

  • MSc Marketing, Communication and Engineering of Food Products

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