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La Salle



Business development in agriculture/ Agricultural Engineering/ Construction projects

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Lucas do Rio Verde, Brazil

Postgraduate programs offered by the university



Aimed at:

Training professionals to act autonomously, being able to assess and guide agricultural techniques, prepare projects, and manage organizations in the agribusiness sector, in addition to enabling competitive technological solutions for business development in agriculture. 
Duration: 3 years

           Syllabus (pdf)



Aimed at:  

It seeks to train professionals with a solid foundation, balanced with theoretical and practical knowledge, adequate to current demands, which allow the Agricultural Engineer to have a generalist education, with a comprehensive and qualified vision to perform all the tasks of the profession. 

Duration: 3 years​

           Syllabus (pdf)

Architecture and Urbanism 

Aimed at: 

Current issues related to social, environmental, cultural and sustainability aspects, which qualifies it for a highly competitive and constantly changing market. The program's differential focused on planning, management, preparation and execution of construction projects, combined with the Institution's tradition, make the course more competitive in the region.
Duration: 5 years

Research Centers

Postgraduate Research Center – NPPG


This body encourages the offer of lato sensu postgraduate courses, providing continued training and qualified labor for the municipality and region.
In the extension area, the objective, through the proposal of an Extension Program, is that classroom teaching is applied teaching, seeking to establish links between realities, learning, research, and the classroom. The extension activities, included in the Extension Program, intend to combine theory with practice involving the community. 
With regard to research, the actions of the NPPG have sought to awaken the interest of academics to carry them out, as research can be used as tools to acquire knowledge and be applied. In both situations, the goal of the research is the development of the human being, that is, the improvement of the quality of life of a community.

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