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Urban Agriculture/ High population density/ Greenhouse gas emissions in metropolises/ Environmental challenges/ Air, water, and soil pollution/ Global warming/ Diminishing natural resources/ Waste disposal/ Climate change/ Deforestation/ Ecosystem and wildlife extinction/ Environmental Engineering/ Treatment Process Engineering/ Water Quality Modeling/ Geo-environmental Engineering/ Environmental Construction Management/ Water Resources/ Proper disposal of solid and hazardous waste/ Responsible management of natural resources/ Education/ Urban planning/ Address ethical issues/ Future of education/ Equality issues/ Effects of poverity/ Education in the 21st century

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New York City, USA

Postgraduate programs offered by the university

Master’s in Environmental Science



Relationship between human activities and the environment. 
Aimed at:

Urban Agriculture, high population density and greenhouse gas emissions in metropolises like New York, environmental challenges being faced by the planet today: 

  • Air, water, and soil pollution 

  • Global warming 

  • Diminishing natural resources 

  • Waste disposal 

  • Climate change 

  • Deforestation 

  • Ecosystem and wildlife extinction

Research groups supporting the Program:
Centre for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability (CURES)

Master’s in Environmental Engineering



Using the principles of engineering, chemistry, biology and physics to address a wide variety of environmental problems from safe drinking water supplies to climate change. 
Aimed at:

Working to solve the many challenges of providing safe and reliable drinking water, clean air and waterways, proper disposal of solid and hazardous waste, effective environmental site restoration, and responsible management of our natural resources.
Focus areas:

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Treatment Process Engineering

  • Water Quality Modeling

  • Geo-environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Construction Management

  • Water Resources

Research Centers

Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability (CURES)

The Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability (CURES) at Manhattan College supports research, teaching, and community outreach in the areas of urban resilience, sustainability, and environmental justice, consistent with our Lasallian Catholic heritage. 
CURES is dedicated to serving urban communities with a suite of research, education, restorative justice, and urban planning programs designed to improve the quality of life for residents, especially for those in underserved neighborhoods. 

School of Science Research


In collaboration with professors, the students write scientific reports and papers and present their work at local, regional, and national conferences.  

Jasper Summer Research Scholars: A program, through the provost’s office, that funds three Science research or creative projects each summer. 
School of Science Dean's Office Summer Program: Outstanding School of Science students are given the opportunity to do hands-on research with a faculty member. 
Endowments and external grants: Additional support for about thirty (30) students is available through endowments and external grants received by school of science faculty.

Center for Ethics

Center of Ethics promotes engagement with the complexities of ethical life by encouraging dialogue between theorists and practitioners, the Manhattan College community and surrounding communities. IN addition to fostering an awareness of the ethics across the college curriculum, they:

  • Assist faculty in incorporating ethical concerns more fully into their teaching

  • Support the development of specialized courses that focus on ethical issues in different disciplines

  • Help to place students in internships related to professional ethics 

  • Organize conferences and colloquia on topics and issues related to ethics, values, and social injustice

  • Supply resources to assist professionals in public and private sectors, giving special attention to the needs of alumnae and alumni

  • Invite speakers with practical experience to campus to address ethical issues in the professions

  • Provide resources to assist faculty with projects related to ethics

  • Coordinate discussion groups to address specific ethical issues

Center for the Study of the Future of Education (CSFE)


The CSFE contributes to the academic discussion of key educational issues that impact education in the 21st century.
Through research, discussion, and application to the community, the CSFE explores issues related to education from pre-school through college that have the potential to dramatically impact the future of education. An on-going focus is the impact of equality issues, particularly the effects of poverty, on learning and instruction.
Closely aligned with the Lasallian mission of Manhattan College and the founder of the De La Salle Christian Brothers, St. John Baptist de La Salle, the Center intends to follow his lead to be innovative and far-sighted by providing opportunities for dialogue and action on topics related to education in the 21st century. 

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