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Universidade La Salle Canoas



Biodiversity/ Environmental management/ Microorganisms/ Biomedical/ Environmental mutagenesis/ Bioinformatics/ Educational practices/ Human development/ Didactic pedagogical implications/ Virtual technologies/ Social and educational inequalities/ Education and human rights


Canoas, Brazil

Postgraduate programs offered by the university

Master’s & PhD in Education


The Program in Education focuses its research in the area of Education, aligning it with various analyses of models of teacher education in relation to educational practices, teaching and learning processes, and human development. It also studies educational management in the context of educational and social policies, as well as in relation to educational institutions. It investigates the multiple relationships between education, digital and virtual technologies and their didactic-pedagogical and cultural implications in the contemporary world. The mission is to act on the elucidation of issues connected to education, promoting both practical and theoretical perspectives on professional training and higher education, as well as on the production and dissemination of high-level research in Education. 

The program creates partnerships between city and state powers for teacher training in order to implement public policies in the educational field. The program also supports partnerships between professors and researchers from international institutions such as Utah State University and Maryland University – College Park, in the United States, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and Universidad de La Laguna in Spain, Universidad do Algarve and Universidad de Lisboa in Portugal, Université Lyon 1 in France, Universidad Del Atlántico in Colombia, and Universidad de Los Lagos in Chile.

Master’s in Health and Human Development 

The science of human development proposes to study the dynamics of the interrelationships between existing systems inside and outside the individual, through biological and social interfaces from a set of factors in different areas of knowledge. The Professional Master's in Health and Human Development is focused on the analysis and scientific understanding of health/disease processes and their implications for human development. The course is formed by a highly diversified and qualified faculty and with a curricular matrix based on knowledge from biomedical, educational, psychological, and environmental studies.


Ecogenotoxicology Laboratory

A space destined to the development of studies in the area of excogenotoxicology, using fish as an environmental bioindicator. Biochemical and genetic analysis are carried out in different tissues to verify physiological changes and mutations in the face of adversities in the environment.

Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory 


Space for research, at the cellular and molecular level, on the genetics of organisms and their interactions with the environment. Among the topics addressed are: 

  • Environmental Mutagenesis  

  • Systems biology (bioinformatics) 

  • Environmental Microbiology 

  • Population genetics 

Biodiversity Conservation and Management Laboratory 


Environmental Observatory

The main objective is to disseminate the results of these projects so that their use is optimized in the promotion and implementation of policies and actions in the environmental area with a technical-scientific basis. In the way, the target audience is public bodies, teaching and research institutions, NGOs and the population interested in knowing the environment in which they live.

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